Urano coupe is the first coupe product launched by REECH, which is the expression of REECH’s innovation and R & D capabilities. Urano, the god of the Greek mythology, symbolizes the hope and the future, Urano coupe possesses the agility, sharpness and power of totem cheetah, and on behalf of the sky, aggressive, stylish and innovative.


Polished from the “supercar kingdom” Italy’s top supercar designer carefully, giving “Urano” ultra-sharp streamlined design, smooth lines depicting the REECH unique car DNA. Exquisite Italian craftsmanship and rich luxury configuration, highlighting the unprecedented honor and quality, creating “Urano” great simple and fashion visual enjoyment


Urano is powered by a front and rear dual-engine. The dual-engine drives out to a maximum of 520kW and 900N · M torque, combined with an extremely low drag coefficient of 0.3, allowing it to accelerate from 0-100km in just 3.5 seconds. The braking distance of 100 kilometers in 36 meters, superior performance exceeds the majority of the same level models. When your hands are on the steering wheel, the rein that control it is in your hands.



This is an unprecedented new energy coupe, using high-capacity high-energy density liquid-cooled battery and ultra-thin coil cooling structure, with only 260 kg of aluminum body, giving it a strong endurance. “Urano” coupe had completed the 690km endurance with constant speed and 500KM NEDC comprehensive operating status ultra-long endurance, far more than the same level domestic models.


The Urano coupe is amazingly advanced in technology innovation ,with a 360-degree driver assistance system consisting of a monocular camera, three millimeter-wave radars, four surround view cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars. Achieved L2.5-level autopilot level, with 14 driving assistance functionalities, these extraordinary technologies will completely change people’s travel mode.



“Urano” coupe, using several safety technologies, creates an unparalleled “five-star safe space.” Air suspension and AWD technology make perfect handling and stability, ACC-adaptive cruise technology and APA-automatic parking technology give it a strong active safety capabilities, ultimately, all these technologies make “Urano” coupe completely  meet the C-NCAP five-star safety standard .


REECH in order to improve the maximum efficiency of vehicles, REECH not only develops intelligent wireless charging to help ridesharing , but also provides fast battery-changing service, to  meet  automatic fast battery-changing standard within 3 minutes .With the fast battery-changing service, the user can enjoy 50% hedging service within  5 years or cash for bangers services.