Through the two modes of joint manufacturing and the construction of intelligent factory, the company has been improving the scale production and customization production capacity year by year.

At present, it has laid the “4+1” intelligent manufacturing base in China and Italy, which includes four bases in eastern, central, northern and southwestern China, as well as the customization center of coupe in Italy.

Through the combination of different products in different bases at home and abroad, it aims to realize the ability to export products to target market nearby.


Central Jiujiang Manufacturing Base

ag环亚手机平台On June 22, 2018, national Jiujiang economic and technological development zone and REECH officially signed the strategic cooperation agreement for the new energy passenger vehicle project.

In accordance with the route of primary planning and distribution implementation, REECH is building the central production base of Jiujiang. The overall scale covers an area of 1,060 mu, with a total construction area of 300,000 square meters and a planned capacity of 200,000 vehicles per year. After the completion of the first phase, it can reach the standard of 100,000 vehicles per year with a total investment of 5.5 billion yuan.

The four major workshops of the base are planned and designed according to the standards of intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection. There will be constructions of full automatic high speed closed production line stamping workshop, high automation production line welding workshop with more than 95% robots in the future. It will be adopting membrane pretreatment + high electrophoretic + B1B2 free medium coating process and synchronous implementation of RTO paint shop for waste gas treatment and waste heat recovery system; high efficiency, high flexible automatic assembly line; and the use of electric hoist skateboard technology to realize the man-machine engineering of assembly workshop.

ag环亚手机平台Jiujiang base is positioned as the main base for the production of mainstream, highly intelligent SUV and two pure electric models of class A00. Among them, SUV is mainly oriented to individual consumer market with features of high performance, high quality and high cost performance. The A00 class will be featured with high cost performance and quality enjoyment, orienting to the market of travel sharing and private users, and address the needs of short and medium trips in suburban areas.