ag环亚手机平台With manufacturing industry as the core and capital and financial services as support, REECH is dedicated to promoting the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of new energy automobile vehicle and the core parts. It aims to create intelligent life scenes and form a closed loop chain to build intelligent mobile life sharing the ecosystem through intelligent design and intelligent manufacturing to launch intelligent vehicles and through the intelligent distribution and travel sharing to realize intelligent mobility. This is the strategic positioning of REECH and its future development goal: to become an outstanding "autonomous intelligent mobile operator".


Product Creation Platform

In accordance with the layout of the global research and development platform of “four countries, six cities, three institutes and three centers”, REECH sets Shanghai General Institute of Engineering Research as controlling body of R&D that is in professional collaboration with Wuxi Institute and Beijing Institute of Control Technology to carry out engineering application development. With the Styling and Design Center in Turin, Italy, the Lightweight Technology Center in Coventry, the United Kingdom, and the Intelligent Driving Technology Center in Silicon Valley, the United States, REECH forms its Global Technology Innovation Center to conduct styling and design, intelligent driving technology research and lightweight technology R&D.

Intelligent Travel Platform

The intelligent travel platform is a big breakthrough for REECH in terms of the enterprise operational mode of automobile manufacturing, and an important component of REECH’s strategy of “intelligent mobile life operator”. REECH’s intelligent travel platform, is built upon “mobile travel” and “mobile life.” And “mobile travel” is centered on the full life circle of the cars; while “mobile life”, work and other requirements in the travel process. It provides various services like health management, mobile office, vehicle social activities, shopping, entertainment and connected home, letting people enjoy the betterment of lifestyle changes while travelling.

Commodity Manufacturing Platform

The commodity manufacturing platform is the platform of realizing the enterprise value of REECH and the cornerstone of the enterprise development.

REECH has created unique C2FT (the Customer To Flexibille Tailor) business model. Through the cloud data information interaction and flexible production, it will meet the demand of customer personalization, and link the product R&D with the efficient design of supply chain and the supply of intelligent manufacturing. It will realize the high frequency of product creation, commodity manufacturing and the terminal demands, and achieve the whole process of intelligent operation from customer requirements to production delivery.

Through the two modes of joint manufacturing and the construction of intelligent factory, the mass production and customization production capacity are improved year by year. Currently, REECH has formed the layout of “4+1” intelligent manufacturing bases in China and Italy, including three bases in eastern, central, southwest and northern China and the customization center of coupe in Italy. Through the combination of different products in different bases in China and abroad, REECH is able to realize the ability to export products to target market nearby.

Product Creation Platform

Product creation platform is the advantageous core platform of REECH, and the driving force for its development.

With the global R&D resources and overall layout in mind, REECH has set up three overseas technology innovation centers and three domestic engineering application centers, and built a collaborative, efficient, complete product creation system. It has three product platforms ——C-Platform(A00/A00+/A0-)、M-Platform(A0/A/A+)、S-Platform S – Platform (coupe). It also has formed a global elite team to create products and has the R&D capacity to carry out the three new models and multiple extension models.

The company has planned the product creation platform and derivative model combination, covering mini, compact and medium and large types. Through intelligent travel and intelligent distribution, it can comprehensively meet the differentiated demands of different customer groups.

Intelligent Marketing Platform

The intelligent marketing platform is the biggest advantage of REECH compared with other newly joined members of new energy vehicle makers.

Starting from the sales channel platform and travel platform, REECH further strengthens the market access capacity through various modes such as regional general agent of large dealers, general agent of product line, and cooperation with external travel platform. REECH has a strong distribution strength in the domestic market.

REECH will center on Shanghai, use the Yangtze river economic belt and the Beijing-Guangzhou line as the main line, set the international marketing headquarters in Shanghai, the domestic marketing headquarters in Changzhutan area, and the REECH travel Xiongan headquarters as the marketing control body, to create a marketing location layout of “two lines five areas, One Belt and One Road” mode. In addition to the powerful offline strength, in the domestic market, REECH actively promote O2O marketing model, and through the combination of “online and offline”, it continuously realizes the closed loop operation of attracting, directing, experience, delivery and sharing, establishes the post-market and post-ecology service system, automobile financial service system and REECH intelligent marketing ecological industrial chain.

REECH also actively promotes the expansion of overseas market. According to the different entry threshold and resource conditions in various countries and regions, REECH will import the market in accordance with the modes of CKD, SKD and whole vehicle export, and expand overseas distribution channels and international market through the self-established sales company + national agent + regional agent.